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Marga Pérez from Sevilla, flamenco dancer, teacher and choreographer.

She studied fine arts at KABK The Hague. Moderne dance at EXNUC The Hague.Come to take lessons from Marga, you will be transported to the heart of flamenco, an unique way of feeling and expressing... it is a trip to your own being. Music, rhythm, movement, coordination and technique all at once!Marga is actually working on her next project `EX', a show to experiment, explore, express and expose herself. Artists from Sevilla and The Hague will work together to describe how she has developed as an artist. Through a mix of disciplines this show is a journey to her onw world. Fine art, flamenco and moderne dance, electronic music, crazy percussion will meet each other to create a production full of passion, mystery and humor... to be seeing in theaters around Holland next season.

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Marga Pérez

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