Dreamland (Engels/Nederlands)

STET The English Theatre

Theater, Cultureel erfgoed

Groep: 5-6, 7-8

"Look, where I come from is not dreamland. I know why I don’t live there anymore: we had to flee because of a war. There were many things wrong in Iran. Since then I have never been back. Yet my father always tells me stories about our heritage, folk tales, and so I dream about my country in the night: about my grandfather, who was a bandit, about dusty roads where a goat herder came by every day with fresh milk... Then comes the day, and I'm a regular Dutch boy again." - Sahand S. The storyteller is accompanied by a musician who plays a qanun, traditional string instrument. The performance can be booked in English and in Dutch.


STET The English Theatre (STET Education)
Saturnusstraat 9
2516 AD Den Haag


01-10-2022 tot 31-07-2023

Sahand Sahebdivani offers an insightful, interactive workshop for the students who attended his performance. His workshops are tailor-made to the age group and include themes like identity, storytelling and being a refugee. Note: extra fee.
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