IMPULS! - Covid reparation scheme leisure arts 2022

IMPULS! - Covid reparation scheme leisure arts 2022  

After two years of the covid pandemic with huge consequences for the local cultural infrastructure it is important for it to recover. To ensure this, the municipality of The Hague has made budget available to CultuurSchakel which can be used by CultuurSchakel in support of cultural activities in leisure time. This support explicitly has as purpose that the cultural and creative amateur arts sector is enabled to deal with the crisis and to develop the resilience within the relevant organisations to become agile, flexible and resilient for the future. A true boost or, in Dutch, Impuls!

Purpose of the Scheme

The purpose of this subsidy scheme is supporting and stimulating institutions, collectives, and individual artists to enrich and strengthen the amateur arts sector and to restore the supply after surviving the covid pandemic. Besides this, CultuurSchakel is aiming to support initiatives which were previously not in the picture – or which were not eligible for existing subsidy schemes – through this scheme.

Who can apply?

Providers of leisure arts activities who are active in The Hague and who fall under one of the following categories are eligible for a subsidy from the Impuls! covid reparation scheme:

  1. associations, clubs and foundations that are operating in the field of active, non-profit-making cultural activities, and that are registered with the Chamber of Commerce with a place of establishment in The Hague. This concerns choirs, orchestras, theatre groups, and dance troupes amongst others.
  2. Organisations (institutions) with or without a legal entity with an artistic objective focused on offering art and cultural activities, amongst which are (informal) collectives, and dance and music schools who offer leisure classes and rehearsals at a (fixed) location in The Hague.
  3. Self-employed people who are registered at the Chamber of Commerce, located in The Hague, who provide cultural activities during leisure time or who offer a service in this area. This includes, for example, natural persons such as artists, teachers, and creators.


Which expenses are eligible for reimbursement? 

Eligible for reimbursement are an applicant’s (additional) expenses which have been or will be made on behalf of:

  1. Cultural venues;
  2. Regaining public and digitisation;
  3. Recruitment and retention of members, participants, and students.

Eligible costs are ones that give an impulse to the reparation of arts and cultural activities. For example under this scheme this includes: labour costs, travel costs, material costs, marketing and communication costs, and costs incurred by hiring third parties. 

It is possible to include previously incurred costs in the final statement. The (copies of original) invoices which need to be included in the submission of the final statement have an invoice date between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2022. Payments can never exceed the amount on the invoices handed in with the final statement.

No advances will be paid. 

What are the terms?

There is a €250.000 subsidy ceiling for the implementation of this scheme. Only completed subsidy application forms will be taken into consideration. The applications will be assessed in the order in which they are received. 

  • The deadline for submissions is 15 July 2022 or when the subsidy ceiling has been reached.
  • The maximum amount of the subsidy is €2.000 per applicant or initiative.
  • The subsidy will be issued as a single compensation for expenses incurred.
  • We expect to see everyone who utilizes this Impuls! scheme at one of the Impuls! workshops which we will organize in September and October 2022.
  • Any application may include a combination of expenses incurred in all three categories.


  • Several examples of eligible activities per category have been included in attachment I.
  • Additional information about the Impuls! Workshops can be found in attachment II.
  • An example of a financial overview and cover plan as it is used in this subsidy scheme can be found in attachment III. For your application, you can download and complete the Excel file yourself.


This reparation scheme will be carried out by CultuurSchakel. The general terms and conditions of the Subsidy scheme for amateur art in The Hague (Subsidieregeling Haagse Amateurkunst) also apply to this scheme. One exception applies: this reparation scheme is also open to informal groups (without a legal entity) and natural persons (self-employed people). 

What is this scheme’s procedure?

  • Applications can be submitted between 15 June and 15 July 2022.
  • Applications can solely be submitted by using the scheme’s digital application form. Applications which have been submitted in any another way will not be accepted.
  • Assessment of applications will be handled by the CultuurSchakel’s Subsidy Portal (Subsidieloket).
  • Notices of allocation or rejection of the applications will be given in writing no later than 15 September 2022.
  • Submission of the final statement can take place up until 31 January 2023 at the latest. Go to form


Who can answer my questions?

You can contact Ellen van der Sar, Cultural Activities advisor and this scheme’s project leader ( , tel. 06-4694 1649), or Els Hogendoorn of the Subsidy Portal ( , tel. 06-4694 1647), with questions about this Impuls! scheme.