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Trixie is een kunstenaars initiatief in de rivierenbuurt in Den Haag met een expositie ruimte en werkplaats met kunstenaars in verschillende disciplines.

WORKSHOP #1: 3D PRINTING & MODELING FOR KIDS (Beng, Thijs) Both Beng & Thijs have a background in creating and teach education programs for pupils from group 7 & 8. Our first idea is to work with a free 3D printing and modeling for children called . With a small group of 10-15 pupils we start with a free child friendlymodelling software ( By creating their own name in 3D letters we simply start off with how the printer works and the technical things they can learn. We show the pupils our own name printed in 3D as an example of what they are going to create. We already have a very good printer at our disposal but we would like to purchase one more to increase the print volume and speed for the amount of participants. For preparations we make a handout for the pupils and teachers so they know what lessons we will be doing. Set-up:We offer the classes at the school itself and take the pupils to see their design being printed at Trixie. As the website of tinkercad is online this workshop could also work online via ZOOM during quarantine. In the gallery of Trixie or one of our studios we welcome the pupils and explain to them the process of designing and printing various objects. The workshop will be divided in four classes of 100 minutes or 2 lesson blocks. One time a week over a 4 week period where the end goal is to design their own keychain. Via programs like“Art-S-Cool” and Cultuurschakel we could get in contact with schools to offer our program. We can offer all this for a fixed price, with this we can cover the organizational costs and materials with a small buffer which is left to Trixie for spent utilities. Also idea is to create and print a flyer to hand out to different schools in the neighbourhood. Lesson 1 Introduction tothe world of 3D printing and modeling. History of 3d printing and the self replicating machine explaining what a 3d printer is. Show examples and inspiration to create models. Lesson 2 Show how Tinkercad works and explain the keychain assignment to the pupils. After this explanationWe teach them about the different tools that are available for scaling and measuring objects and we move around and place shapes in the virtual design space. This will be the first step towards designing their own keychain that will continue in lesson 3 Lesson 3 The third class will consist about explaining the design constraints of 3d printing. What are overhangs and placing holes and manipulating shapes. We teach them how to cut a hole in their design to fit the metal ring of the keychain. . Lesson 4 Last lesson will be a visit to Trixie to introduce our artist-run-space. From here we are going to print every pupil keychain. We teach them about the slicing software to prepare and place the prints and show them the process of 3d printing with their finished design. If the keychains are not finished by the end of the lesson we will drop them at their school later.

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