Daniele Cermelli

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Ik ben een amateur kunstschilder en fotograaf

My name is Daniele Cermelli, an Italian Chemical Engineer who since 2007 lives in The Netherlands. Since my teenage years I had a passion for art, especially for photography and painting, therefore in 2006 I started to explore photography (digital) just before moving to The Netherlands. With exploring I mean capturing my feeling looking at the nature and people, looking at their colors, lights and emotions. Feeling is what does make my finger triggering the little black bottom of my camera and capturing the essence of the moment perhaps forever, at least for me. As I said, nature (flowers, insects, wild life and animals), people, colors and light are elements which you can always find in my works.


Daniele Cermelli
Willem van Outhoornstraat 35B
2593 ZT Den Haag

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