José Pouwels - Praktijk voor muziekeducatie en muziektherapie



Onconventionele muziekles voor kinderen, spelen op verschillende instrumenten en zingen. Zangcoaching en zangles voor volwassenen. Piano les voor iedereen. Muziektherapie voor volwassenen.

The voice & the personality If you look at my CV you can see that I have been trained properly and I managed to sustain a bit of a career - but I am still a perpetual student of the voice. Voices and bodies change, life events happen and as a singer you have to be flexible and adapt. There’s so much to say about developing a technique but I believe the true craftsmanship lies in the willingness to dig deep and become more and more ‘okay’ with the fact that singing is a very personal thing. Our own body makes all of the sound which is then tempered by our own experiences and personality. That makes us very vulnerable. For those who are not very good at developing a thick skin: I wasn’t and I know now that there are many factors at play when it comes to singing, and most of the time it is not about your abilities. There’s more to it! Voice training, Piano & Music theory I nowadays combine the two things I love most: music and people. I teach voice and piano. I am aware of the many different ways in how talent manifests itself: it is my job to enable my students to freely explore their musical expressiveness within the safe setting of my home practice. I am happy to say that I have good ears and not much of an ego, I am honest and a tad provocative: there’s room for laughter and discomfort… no learning without a bit of both. Music Therapy I study the Master of Music Therapy at Rotterdam Conservatoire and I am researching if and how music therapy can contribute to the empowering of people with low self esteem and performance anxiety.

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José Pouwels - Praktijk voor muziekeducatie en muziektherapie
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