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Welcome to STET Education, where drama meets education in a unique blend of personal growth, real-world impact, and tailored learning. As the educational arm of STET The English Theatre, we’ve been shaping the minds of students aged 4 to 26 for a decade. Partnering with professional theatre makers, our mission goes beyond English language and drama, aiming to cultivate responsible international citizens. With a footprint in over 300 international and Dutch schools, we engage 2000-2500 students annually, offering workshops, performances, and international exchanges. We commit to diversity and inclusion and focus on environment, address issues like bullying, nature conservation, and LGBTQI+ awareness. Why choose STET Education? We’re not just about drama and English; we’re about using these tools to tackle real issues. From empowering students with life skills to fostering empathy and celebrating differences, we tailor our programs to each school’s unique needs. Our professional artists and educators bring years of experience, ensuring a transformative and lasting impact. Join us on a journey where education transcends boundaries and creates well-rounded individuals ready to make a difference.

STET Education is proud to offer English language performances and activities. We offer three primary school shows, which can be booked in English or Dutch. "Night Travel" and "Dreamland" are personal refugee stories by Sahand Sahebdivani storyteller and "Magical Storytelling" is an intimate session of lovely stories told by Caja van der Poel. Since 2019-2020 we are happy to also offer "American Tales untold II" by Jeremiah Fleming for secondary schools. This compilation of stories explores the themes of discrimination and intolerance spreading all over Europe and America towards immigrants. The performance can be complemented by an interactive workshop to further explore the theme.


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