Theatre group: 7MRP The Hague



7MRP The Hague is a theatre group based which produces original scripts. The language of the activities is English and the group consists of people from many countries and cultures who want to experiment with theatre.

 We want to:

  • Make theatre accessible to everyone;
  • Foster a cooperative approach to theatre, i.e. every one’s contribution matters;
  • Welcome individuals interested in acting as well as in non-acting responsibilities (e.g. costumes, props and creative writing).

This is what is unique about us: We promote acting and theatre experiences and break access barriers to them. To this end, we are a non-profit and fun-centric group where previous experience is not required and whose performances can speak to a broad public.

Everything is done by ourselves: from writing our own scripts to staging and performing them. We believe that the value of our creative work lies with not only in the final result but mostly in the process and continuous improvement leading to it. Learning-by-doing and cross-feedback are powerful tools for that. We aim at empowering people to discover new ways to express one-selves and to communicate with others. In life, people are constantly wearing masks. Through acting experience, one can finally connect with its own self beneath the mask. Still, having fun together is the most important part of our projects. We suspend judgement and encourage being spontaneous while enjoying and sharing the experience with others.

Read the interview of Matteo Pasquini from 7MRP The Hague (Dutch)


Theatre group: 7MRP The Hague
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