Dreamland (Engels/Nederlands)

STET The English Theatre

Theater, Cultureel erfgoed

Groep: 5-6, 7-8

"Look, where I come from is not dreamland. I know why I don’t live there anymore: we had to flee because of a war. There were many things wrong in Iran. Since then I have never been back. Yet my father always tells me stories about our heritage and folk tales, so I dream about my country in the night: about my grandfather, who was a bandit, about dusty roads where a goat herder came by every day with fresh milk... Then comes the day, and I'm a regular Dutch boy again." - Sahand S. It is possible for a musician, who plays a qunan - traditional string instrument, to accompany the storyteller. Please ask so it can be organized. The performance can be booked in English and in Dutch.


STET The English Theatre
Visseringlaan 23
2288 ER Den Haag


02-10-2023 tot 31-07-2024

Sahand Sahebdivani offers an insightful, interactive workshop for the students who attended his performance. His workshops are tailor-made to the age group and include themes like identity, storytelling and being a refugee. Note: extra fee for the workshop.
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