American Tales Untold II (Engelstalig)

STET The English Theatre

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'American Tales Untold II' is a show of two gripping stories about discrimination and mistrust in the troubled black history of America. However, more than just two stories, ATU II is as relevant today as ever! There is a lot of anger and intolerance towards immigrants, migrants and refugees these days. What does it mean to be different in today’s society and why are countries so hostile to people fleeing economic crises and political persecution? By looking through the lens of a different time and place, students of today have the chance to see that racism and intolerance are twin evils that can rise up around them at any time.


STET The English Theatre
Visseringlaan 23
2288 ER Den Haag


02-10-2023 tot 31-07-2024

Jeremiah Fleming, the actor of 'American Tales Untold II', is an excellent workshop leader. He holds an interactive theatre workshop exploring the themes of the show. Contact STET Education to discuss this for your school. Note: extra costs for the workshop.
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