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The soul asks for music, do not prevent its need. Do you have children and would you like them to learn music? Or have you always dreamed of playing an instrument yourself? Don't say it is too late, just enjoy it with the art of music.

I play the lute ''oud'', an oriental instrument, and I have experience in training music bands. I am also a music composer, I participated in a lot of musical works in The Netherlands from the north to the south: NBE, Club Ghazal, De Vrolijkheid, Amsterdam radio Oba Live and Nacht Van Bevrijding ,

Would you like to learn how to play one of the following instruments: Lute ''oud'', accordion, bouzouki, violin, cello, qanun, piano, drum or tambourine?

Then please send me a message:

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Amer Shanati
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