Geld voor je kunst! (English)

If you have a project that encourages participation in art and culture in The Hague, you can reach out to CultuurSchakel to apply for subsidy. The scheme is called Geld voor je kunst! (Money for your Art).The application process is simple, and you can apply as an individual, association, or foundation. The maximum subsidy amount is € 2.000,-.

You don’t have to submit complicated plans; simply pitch your idea to a jury in ten minutes. If social distancing applies, you can share your pitch through a video submission. Within a week you will be informed whether you are granted a subsidy or not. Before we invite you to pitch, we’ll ask you to complete a simple online form and upload an estimated budget.

More about Geld voor je kunst! pitches.

Are you entitled to a subsidy?

Geld voor je kunst! is subject to different conditions as opposed to regular CultuurSchakel subsidies. Do a Quickscan to see which type of subsidy would suit your situation best.

If you’d like to discuss your plans first, please contact the Geld voor je kunst! project manager or one of our advisers.

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