CultuurSchakel promotes cultural development for everyone in The Hague, to make the city’s art scene even more exciting. Geld voor je kunst! was set up as an easily accessible subsidy for smaller events and initiatives that are just that little bit different.

General conditions

  • Geld voor je kunst! is a one-off subsidy of up to € 2.000,- for leisure-time art and cultural events taking place after the subsidy has been granted.
  • The subsidy is for amateur or semi-professional events in The Hague that encourage local people to take part in culture.
  • You may apply as an individual, association, or foundation. You must be based in The Hague, and the event must not be for profit. If you apply individually, there must be at least three applicants, and one must be at least 18 years of age
  • To be considered, kindly complete the application form on our website. All applicants will be required to submit an oral pitch. Failing to submit an oral pitch will result in dismissal of the application.   
  • Geld voor je kunst! is not intended for long-term support, but for specific activities only.
  • You may apply up to twice a year.
  • If you apply for Geld voor je kunst!, you may not apply for any other subsidies from CultuurSchakel or the Municipality of The Hague for this event.
  • The subsidy may not be used for personnel costs, catering, or the purchase of durable equipment such as projectors, sound systems, and cameras. It is intended for the realization of the event itself, and not solely for publicity, overhead, sponsorship of other events, etc.
  • Applicants may not carry out any paid work in connection with the activity.
  • Within three months of the event, you must complete a report form on our website, including copies of promotional material and images. CultuurSchakel may use the submitted promotional material for publicity purposes.

Additional conditions

  • If this is your first time applying for subsidy from us, we’ll organise a get-to-know-you meeting.
  • We may pay less than the amount you apply for and impose additional requirements.
  • Subsidies are granted on the basis of the available budget and the number of applications. If the budget is not enough to pay all the subsidies, we will reduce them accordingly. If we accept your application, we may agree to pay a percentage of the full amount as an advance.
  • If your application is rejected, you are welcome to submit a new one, but our decision is final and can not be objected to.
  • By participating in Geld Voor Je Kunst, you agree that the information you provide during the pitch, including but not limited to the group name, concept description, project name, and photos of the presentation, may be used in our marketing efforts to promote Geld Voor Je Kunst. The video pitch itself will not be shared and will be treated as confidential. The information you share with us may be included in promotional materials such as newsletters, social media posts, press releases, and other marketing channels. We aim to respect your intellectual property rights and will not share any information you have designated as confidential during the pitch. By participating in Geld Voor Je Kunst, you implicitly give us permission to use your concept information for promotional purposes.