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The Movie Workshop was an incredible opportunity to live the whole process of making a short movie, guided by a professional. During the 4 sessions, participants wrote the script, rehearse, and film it!

The activity was open to everyone, with or without experience, and free of charge, thanks to the support of CultuurSchakel.

They decided the topic of the movie all together. It could be a scary movie, a comedy about an expat living in The Hague, a sad drama… All ideas were welcome! The Script Workshop and the rehearsals were held at Pandora Studio, and the scenes of the film were shot in different areas of the City Center of The Hague.

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Lauren - The Photographer
Samuel - Soccer Player
Anna - Flyer Lady
Jeroen - Colorful Hippie
Jurgen - Pandora's Host
Natasa - Photo Poser #1
Hooman - Photo Poser #2
Aaron - Photo Poser #3
Sandra - Pandora's Cleaner
Nicki - Posing Lady

*More participants came to the Script Workshop, but they did not attend the recording session.


Aaron & Hooman / Francesco D'Andrea

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